We have a number of ministries all with the emphasis and goal of reaching children for Christ.

5-Day Club

5 Day Club Logo
This summer ministry brings boys and girls together for five consecutive days--from one to two hours each day--to play games, learn the Bible, sing songs, memorize Bible verses, listen to exciting missionary stories, and hear the gospel clearly presented. Each 5-Day Club® is taught by trained Christian Youth In Action® teenagers, or a CEF-trained teacher. Clubs take place in homes and churches throughout Marion and Yamhill Counties--wherever  we can find locations to hold them where children will come.

The 5-Day Club program is a great way for us to partner with churches. We can join with a church to help with the teaching portion of their own VBS, or we can partner with a church to have outreach into their members' neighborhoods and invite unchurched families to visit their church. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

If you would like to host a 5-Day Club or would like your child to come to one, please contact us.