We have a number of ministries all with the emphasis and goal of reaching children for Christ.

Teacher Training

Capitol Chapter offers teacher training geared specifically to the Good News Club teacher. We look at one entire 6 week series at a time. This means we meet about every 6 weeks though holidays will spread it out. This school year we will meet on September 25th, November 6th, January 15th, & February 26th. You can check out our calendar for exact times and locations. We also work closely with Polk Chapter who offers bi-monthly trainings. If you would like to attend one of their trainings, please contact us for details.

We also offer training seminars in local churches which are helpful to anyone teaching children who want to be more effective teachers. 

Periodically we hold a 30 hour training course (TCE 1) of intense instruction in how to prepare a Good News Club from start to finish with emphasis on evangelism. This is invaluable training for anyone who desires to teach children effectively incorporating every aspect of their program to teach and reinforce lesson applications. While it's emphasis is on the GNC program it is very applicable to any kind of class for children whether Sunday School, VBS, or even a summer camp. If you would like to see a course overview please check it out here.

Please contact us if you are interested in either attending one of our trainings or even possibly hosting one at your church.